This service is for self-funded applicants only.
The BTRM now offers a dedicated Alumni Employment Service.

Employment Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the BTRM qualification, our expert team will consider you as a suitable candidate for employment opportunities.

We will discuss your personal objectives, your career aspirations and what immediate-term job role(s) you would like to apply for. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your career path, we can use our industry contacts and our recruitment expertise to begin the task of searching for employment opportunities that match your criteria; our focus and short-term goal is to help secure the position of your choosing.

Interview Coaching

In preparation for an interview – whether secured by yourself or by our Alumni Employment Service – a dedicated recruiter will provide you with important features and guidance on the interview process; this will consist of:

  • Understanding the role, its function within the team/department, the department’s function within the organisation as a whole and how it serves the organisation’s primary goals and objectives.
  • Asking relevant questions. For example, is this a new role or am I replacing someone? What has been the team’s toughest challenges in the last few months and are those challenges still around? How will they affect my role? What’s the most substantial cultural strength of the organisation?

There are many other key questions, but most importantly the questions should arise from your own curiosity about the role and the organisation. We will help you with this.

  • Advice on reading and researching comprehensively – leaving no stone unturned – about the organisation and their competitors. What are their differences. And reading the latest news stories in the related industry. This knowledge will provide the basis for some of your questions.
  • Helping with presentation skills should you be asked to do so.
  • Just-before-the-interview recommendations to increase your focus and energy levels.

We will cover all bases to ensure you maximise your interview potential to increase your chances of securing your desired role.

Our Alumni Employment Service is designed to help you find work. It is comprehensive. The knowledge acquired from our advice and guidance, combined with the knowledge acquired from the BTRM programme, should equip you to feel ready for the next step in your career.

For further questions, feel free to contact us to speak with an expert: contact us