BTRM Alumni Stories

Sathya Sri
“What I anticipated to be a busy and stressful 6 months (back to school after couple of decades was not supposed to be easy?!) had turned out to be an enjoyable and enriching experience. ”

Godliving Maro
“I thank you all for the quality of delivery. The training was practical and I must admit, i was able to apply most of the material to my day to day work.”

Michael Heath
“As someone who’s had to build a Treasury from the ground up, I can say that if you are looking to a career in Bank Treasury, the BTRM will provide strong foundations to help you succeed.”

Cristobal Chacon Gallavan
“It is a very interesting time to be working in this area of the financial markets and I am extending the knowledge I gained from the BTRM every day.”

Graham Leitch
“However, I also wanted to gain greater knowledge of Treasury products and issues related to risk management. This led me directly to the BTRM, where people I work with had previous connections and recommended it highly.”

Maryah Raheel Latif
“What a wonderful course and what an amazing exam paper… practical and so much to apply.”

Obtaining the BTRM is a solid demonstration of continuing professional advancement and one that will keep both you and your employer ahead of the competition. We are confident of the high quality and practical value of the BTRM. It is a privilege to be able to bring this programme to so many.