Global Banking Update

Charting the Course

November 24 2023

Over the last week, the global banking sector has been the centre of attention with significant developments and discussions. The evolving landscape presents a complex mix of challenges and opportunities that are shaping the future of banking worldwide.

Deposit Decreases & Shaping the Future of Banking 

November 17 2023

Over the last week, the global banking sector has witnessed significant developments and discussions shaping its future trajectory. This newsletter aims to provide a comprehensive overview of these developments, offering insights into the evolving landscape of the banking industry worldwide.

Navigating Geopolitical Uncertainty and Regulatory Changes

November 10 2023

In the past week, the global banking landscape has witnessed significant conversations and shifts that are shaping the future of finance. Top banking executives have voiced concerns over the financial sector’s resilience against rising geopolitical uncertainties and regulatory tightening. The unfolding conflicts in Israel-Gaza and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war add to the economic outlook’s unpredictability, while central banks’ pause on interest rate hikes adds another layer of complexity to economic growth and asset valuations.

A Week of Strategic Holds and Fintech Progressions

November 6 2023

In this week’s review of global banking news, there have been several strategic decisions by central banks and significant fintech movements that carry implications for the international financial landscape.