Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

The BTRM Thought Leadership series is designed to bring to light latest thinking on the future of banking and finance, including ideas and innovations that will enable the markets to serve consumers and society better. Recognising that finance is not an exact science and is as much an art, we welcome qualitative articles aimed at practitioners interested in a best-practice and honest approach to banking. Articles may focus on any area of economics, finance and banking and should be between 1500 and 3500 words. We encourage accessibility, transparency and clear language.

Bank Treasury Best Practice: 


by Team BTRM

Strategic ALM and Integrated Balance Sheet Management: The Future of Bank Risk Management

by Professor Moorad Choudhry

The traditional approach to asset-liability management (ALM) practice in banks operated as a reactive process following product origination by the customer-facing business. In the Basel III era a more proactive approach to ALM is required, in order to manage the balance sheet from an effective viability and sustainability standpoint. The article describes proactive “Strategic ALM” discipline and its implementation process. 
Taken from The European Financial Review, Aug-Sep 2017 (



De-Stress Tests for Strategic Treasury

by David Castle
May 2017



Hypothesis: Risk, like Mass and Energy, Can Neither be Created nor Destroyed

Discuss, CISI, The Review of Financial Markets, issue 13, p6-8, Quarter 2, May 2017.

by Q G Rayer and W Dickson (2017)

This article was originally published in the CISI members’ magazine The Review.
Republished with permission.

Courtesy of P1 Investment Management



Finance and Financial Economics

by Pablo Fernandez, University of Navarra - IESE Business School

Reproduced with permission from SSRN. First published 30 Jan 2017.


Analysing and Interpreting the Yield Curve

by Professor Moorad Choudhry

A golden oldie by Professor Moorad Choudhry from his series of internal presentations at RBS Global Banking & Markets during 2011...


Decoding Distress

by Jaafar Hussain, VP and Quantitative Analyst at Bank ABC, Bahrain
February 2017

Given recent news surrounding Deutsche Bank and the speculation about its financial position, Jaafar Hussain, VP in Market Risk Management at Bank ABC explains the framework that the bank uses to monitor the financial health of such financial institutions.


Best-practice Funds Transfer Pricing Principles

by Professor Moorad Choudhry
January 2017


Basel III LCR is a business model changer: How will it impact your bank?

by Professor Moorad Choudhry
December 2016

Compliance with Basel III LCR carries implications for banks beyond merely a robust liquidity management regime.
Professor Moorad Choudhry considers some wider issues…