Self-Study Pack

Prep to Pass the BTRM Exam

Start your Self-Study journey today, with the BTRM Self-Study Pack

Designed for students who need further flexibility, this self-study option contains all you need to prepare for the BTRM Examination.

This value pack Includes:

✔ The BTRM Student Handbook: A comprehensive full colour 380 page guide to all BTRM lectures
The Principles of Banking, 2nd Edition by Professor Moorad Choudhry (hardcopy or e-book)
✔ All updated lecture slide decks from the current cohort
✔ Online multiple-choice tests for all 5 modules (all module tests must be passed to allow access to the final examination)
✔ Past examination papers
✔ Exam revision and preparation session
✔ Entrance to the final examination to become fully certified and awarded the BTRM designation
✔ Next examination date: Wednesday 4th October 2023
✔ Take the examination, secure in the knowledge that you get one retake

Equivalent to 30 credits
Teaching hours: 3 (1 x 3 hour revision lecture).
Total recommended self-directed learning: 297 hours.

Compare with the full BTRM course