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Oracle Financial Services Asset Liability Management Analytics
Enable Adaptive, Actionable Insight

Enables timely and actionable insight for managing interest rate and liquidity risk, via ALM / FTP results  and provides transparency into critical balance sheet issues 

Oracle Asset & Liability Management (ALM) Data Sheet

Oracle Financial Services Balance Sheet Planning
Deliver Accurate Margin Forecasts and Comprehensive, Meaningful Budgets

Models the detailed and complex events on a bank's balance sheet for the current book of business and forecasted new volumes, enabling accurate margin forecasts and comprehensive budgets.

Oracle Balance Sheet Planning Data Sheet

Oracle Financial Services Basel Regulatory Capital
Comply with Multijurisdictional Capital Adequacy Regulations Across Risk Categories

Provides quick, out-of-the-box and risk-free compliance with Basel II and III guidelines in multiple jurisdictions.

Oracle Basel Regulatory Capital Data Sheet

Oracle Financial Services Data Foundation
Drive your business with unprecedented performance, responsiveness, scalability, and manageability

Quickly implement specialized finance, risk, and marketing analytical applications that drive line of business control and performance.

Oracle Financial Services Data Foundation Data Sheet

Oracle Financial Services Funds Transfer Pricing
Assess Profitability Across Product, Channel, and Business Line

Enables financial institutions to determine the spread earned on assets and liabilities, as well as the spread earned as a result of interest rate exposure for each customer relationship.

Oracle FundsTransfer Pricing Data Sheet

Oracle Financial Services Hedge Management and IFRS Valuations
Address Regulatory Requirements for IFRS

Helps financial services institutions compute the fair value of financial instruments and manage effective hedge relationships.

Oracle Hedge Management-IFRS Valuations Data Sheet

Oracle Financial Services Liquidity Risk Management
Comprehensively Address Liquidity Risk Requirements

Provides a robust solution to ensure enterprise-wide regulatory and managerial compliance by managing large data volumes, addressing computational complexity, and providing accurate results while achieving extreme performance.

Oracle Liquidity Risk Management Data Sheet

Oracle Financial Services Loan Loss Forecasting & Provisioning
Comply with IFRS 9 and Other Regulatory Guidelines

Provides extensive, pre-built and easily configurable business rules and computations that enable institutions to determine changes to credit risk, compute allowance and provision, and forecast credit losses across portfolio.

Oracle Loan Loss Forecasting and Provisioning Data Sheet

Oracle Financial Services Market Risk Measurement and Management
Comprehensively Address Market Risk Requirements

Oracle Financial Services Market Risk Measurement and Management enables banks to measure and manage market risk through robust computation, ensuring effective evaluation of risk across the enterprise.

Oracle Market Risk Data Sheet

Oracle Financial Services Profitability Management
Allocate Components of Profitability Across Dimensions

Enables financial services institutions to calculate profitability by products, channels, and segments, and to adjust calculations for risk in order to enable Risk-Adjusted Performance Management.

Oracle Profitability Management Data Sheet

Oracle Financial Services Regulatory Reporting Solution:
EBA & US Federal Reserve Integrated and Comprehensive

Helps financial services organizations manage and execute regulatory reporting in a single, integrated environment. The solution automates end-to-end processes from data capture through submission.

Oracle Regulatory Reporting for EBA Data Sheet
Oracle Regulatory Reporting for US Federal Reserve Data Sheet

Regulatory Reporting

Do you have an integrated and comprehensive reporting environment?

Automate end-to-end regulatory reporting processes from data capture through submission.

Strategy brief: Oracle Financial Services Regulatory Reporting Solution (PDF) 

White paper: Compliance to Competitive Advantage: Leveraging Regulatory Data for Strategic Insight (PDF) 

Ebook: Easing the Burden of Regulatory Reporting Demands (PDF) 

Enterprise Risk and Finance

Do you have close operational synergies between treasury, risk and finance to address compliance issues?

Establish a single measure of risk across the organization and obtain a comprehensive view of risk and performance

Webcast: Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book, with Marcus Evans 

Article: National Australia Bank Deflects Global Risk with a Powerful Analytics Platform 

Enterprise Data Governance

Do you have the capability for enterprise data and metadata management?

Enable traceability and data lineage while understanding the impact analysis of critical data elements, data availability, and quality to support regulatory and management reporting.

White paper: Take Action to Ensure Compliance and Deliver a Competitive Advantage (PDF)

Ebook: Complete Data Lifecycle Management with Oracle Financial Services Data Foundation (PDF)