Occasional Interview Series: LIBOR Transition with Kevin Liddy

LIBOR Transition with Kevin Liddy Advisor at Solum Financial

LIBOR Transition discussion:
This very hot topic for just about everyone in banking has been the subject of countless seminars, conferences and papers, so the BTRM is happy to bring you this video interview on the practical impact of LIBOR reform for Treasury and ALM managers at commercial banks. We were talking to Kevin Liddy, an Advisor at Solum Financial, and we kept it short and sweet but managed to cover the FTP / TLP curve, multi-currency balance sheets, immunising the banking book back to RFR overnight, the prospect of a term SONIA (and perhaps a term SOFR?) and the importance of understanding how, without a credit premium built into it, the RFR will move vis a vis a bank’s funding costs during a stress event. Enjoy!