BTRM Latin America Chapter

BTRM Latin America Chapter 

The BTRM Latin America (LatAm) Chapter was set up in partnership with Reinventarte to address specific bank regulation and markets needs for students working in Latin America. It is structured to uphold the highest level of quality and rigour offered by the BTRM students worldwide, together with specific material emphasising regional learning needs. In Latin America, the banking industry faces historically low interest rate levels, devaluated local currencies, a negative credit outlook and challenges to manage volatility and liquidity in the financial markets, along with other challenges. For LatAm Chapter students, each cohort of the BTRM will present 4-6 webinars in the Spanish (or Portuguese) language, addressing the regulatory agenda and financial markets landscape in Latin America. In addition, queries may be raised on the Student Forum in Spanish and Portuguese. The main objectives of the Chapter are to facilitate access in Latin America to the best skills and boost ALM best-practice in the region.

LatAm Chapter features Region-specific lectures during each cohort, covering:

  • Regional regulatory requirements
  • Regional markets
  • LatAm currency environment
  • Ad hoc issues of current interest
  • Spanish and/or Portuguese language webinars
  • Spanish and Portuguese language

Student Forum Students based in Latin America may elect to join either the standard BTRM course or the LatAm chapter course. The core syllabus is common to both courses and is taught in English. LatAm chapter students have access to the LatAm language Student Forum and will also receive 4-6 additional lectures, in the form of webinars, delivered in the local language. 

Reinventarte is the BTRM Partner for its Latin American chapter. A consultancy with 15 years track record in Latin America, Reinventarte provides innovative solutions and expert advisory up to C-level, employing a team of experienced senior subject matter experts, covering the fields of transformation, strategy, talent and people management, technology and finance.