BTRM Information Sessions


What is covered in each BTRM Information Session? 

  • Presentation by the BTRM Faculty
  • Open discussion with the BTRM Global Account Manager
  • Followed by a Q&A

Global Timings:

Monday 27th March: Register

Global Timings:

  • 7.00pm BST UK time
  • UAE: 10.00pm
  • CET: 8.00pm
  • S. Africa: 8.00pm
  • India: 11.30pm
  • Singapore/HK: 2.00am
  • EST/NY: 2.00pm
  • Peru: 1.00pm
  • Brazil: 2.00pm

Thursday 30th March: Register

Global Timings:

  • 1pm BST/UK time
  • UAE: 4pm
  • CET: 2pm
  • S. Africa: 2pm
  • India: 5.30pm
  • Singapore/HK: 8pm
  • EST/NY: 8am
  • Peru: 7am
  • Brazil: 8am
  • Mexico: 6am

Moorad Choudhry & Amitabh Singhania will run online BTRM information sessions on the 27th & 30th March to provide an overview of the qualification, its renowned faculty and, most importantly, on the practical elements of the programme designed to power individuals working in every aspect of bank treasury risk management/ALM.

To register, please submit your details. A brochure will subsequently be emailed to you, feel free to contact us to speak with an expert: contact us

Information Session Recording November 2022: