BTRM Information Sessions


What is covered in each BTRM Information Session? 

  • Presentation by the BTRM Program Founder 
  • Open discussion with the BTRM Global Account Manager
  • Followed by a Q&A

Global Timings:

Thursday 24th November: Register

Global Timings:

  • 12.30pm GMT/UK time
  • UAE: 4.30pm
  • CET: 1.30pm
  • S. Africa: 2.30pm
  • India: 6pm
  • Singapore/HK: 8.30pm
  • EDT/NY: 7.30am
  • Peru: 7.30am
  • Brazil: 8.30am
  • Mexico: 6.30am

Wednesday 30th November: Register

Global Timings:

  • 8.30pm GMT UK time
  • UAE: 12.30am
  • CET: 9.30pm
  • S. Africa: 10.30pm
  • India: 2.00am
  • Singapore/HK: 4.30am
  • EDT/NY: 3.30pm
  • Peru: 3.30pm
  • Brazil: 4.30pm
  • Mexico: 2.30pm

Welcome to the world’s first practitioner-developed professional qualification in bank asset-liability management, the Certificate of Bank Treasury Risk Management (BTRM). Founded by Professor Moorad Choudhry and now partnered with University of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), the BTRM is renowned as the most cutting-edge and applied programme the world over for those working in bank balance sheet risk management, be they in Money Markets, Finance, Risk, Treasury, Audit or Compliance.

Professor Choudhry will run online BTRM information sessions on 24th and 30th November to provide an overview of the qualification, its renowned faculty and, most importantly, on the practical elements of the programme designed to power individuals working in every aspect of bank treasury risk management/ALM.

To register, please submit your details. A brochure will also be emailed to you within 24 hours, feel free to contact us to speak with an expert: contact us